Intraoperative Electron Radiation Therapy (IOERT)
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Intraoperative Radiation Therapy
mobile accelerators
in vivo dosimetry
breast cancer

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Graczyk, K., Kruszyna-Mochalska, M., & Kijeska, W. (2022). Intraoperative Electron Radiation Therapy (IOERT). Letters in Oncology Science, 19(2).


Treatment tactics that combine sparing surgery with radiation therapy have become the standard in the treatment of early cancers. One example of combined treatment is intraoperative radiotherapy, which is performed during surgery while the patient is still under anesthesia in a sterile operating room.

The aim of this work is to discuss the technique of intraoperative electron beam radiotherapy (IOERT) generated by mobile accelerators.

The IOERT method is used in the treatment of neoplasms such as: breast, prostate, pancreas, colon and rectum. Based on the literature reports, the following were discussed: the course of the procedure, the most frequently used physical parameters and the challenges related to the quality control and radiological protection of personnel.
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