Solutions and constructional modifications of dosimetry systems ofelectron accelerators
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dosimetry system, ionization chamber, electron linear accelerator

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Misiarz, A., Malesa, B., Markopolskyi, W., Jakubowska, E., & Wysokiński, J. (2019). Solutions and constructional modifications of dosimetry systems ofelectron accelerators. Letters in Oncology Science, 16(4), 18-26.


The study is designed to present a method of dosimetry system solution in electron accelerators manufactured at the NCBJ Nuclear Equipment Division (HITEC). Two special cases of accelerator applications have been presented - the first using a high-efficiency electron beam in material research and the second using a low-efficiency photon beam in cargo inspection at borders. The article presents constructional modifications of the standardly used ionization chamber, which successfully enabled proper dose measurement in both of the above-mentioned cases.
PDF (Język Polski)


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