Porównanie objętości narządów krytycznych z obszaru mózgowia wyznaczonych manualnie i automatycznie dla trzech systemów planowania leczenia


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brain tumors
organs at risk
treatment planning

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Styś, S., Charmacińska, M., & Skrobała, A. (2021). Porównanie objętości narządów krytycznych z obszaru mózgowia wyznaczonych manualnie i automatycznie dla trzech systemów planowania leczenia: Comparison of the volumes of organs at risk for the brain tumors determined manually and automatically for the three treatment planning systems . Letters in Oncology Science, 18(2). https://doi.org/10.21641/los.2021.18.2.203 (Original work published June 17, 2021)


In Poland, brain tumors account for 2% of all malignant tumors, and radiotherapy plays an important role in their treatment. The area of the brain is unique due to the proximity of adjacent important organs. One of the most important steps in the treatment preparation process is contouring the organs at risk. The study examined the differences between the volumes of critical organs determined manually in the Eclipse (Varian) treatment planning system and the implemented tools for automatic determination of structures in the iPlan (BrainLab) and MultiPlan (Accuray) treatment planning systems. It has been shown that the volumes of structures determined manually are greater than those determined automatically; however, these differences do not significantly affect the treatment process and patient safety.

PDF (Język Polski)


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